Lighthouse Club Manila was registered as an NGO in 1997, with members coming mostly from the construction industry, though open to all areas of industry. Its principal aim is to foster good
fellowship, camaraderie and cooperation amongst members, and to provide support, principally educational, to disadvantaged scholars selected from within the construction industry. Medical aid is provided for select cases, and special projects such as renovation of charity hospital / orphanage are undertaken from time to time. An additional focus of the Club is work place health and safety, with provision of related training.

Light House Club Manila currently has 65 members (30 individual, and 35 Corporate (Gold & Silver).

It is sponsoring 30 students in different levels and courses, ranging from Kindergarten up to College level. Some of the funding for the required support is also provided through the James Battersby
Educational Trust (JBET) and the Lighthouse Club Asia Pacific Region Benevolent Trust in Hong Kong.

Fellowship, Support and Cooperation.